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The management methods of picnic mats in large companies are worth learning from

Pubdate: 1970-01-01

The management methods of picnic mats in large companies are worth learning from.

The softness of the picnic mat is chosen for the tent, so that it will not be stuck by mosquitoes outdoors, and even outdoors, it will not be exposed to sunlight or rain. Moreover, the picnic mat can withstand strong winds of force 10, and it will not be exposed to sunlight or moisture, which will also affect the lifespan of the tent.

In order to achieve the insulation of the picnic mat, two types of fabrics, the tent bottom and the bottom, can be removed. Considering the principle of actual use, the picnic mat can isolate the external temperature, keeping the interior comfortable and having a comfortable temperature. The picnic mat can also resist external rainwater, making the temperature of the tent more suitable.

Generally speaking, what camping in the wilderness requires is a tent. At this time, it is necessary to choose a suitable tent based on the actual situation. The things you carry with you will increase as you go out, and campers can obtain a comfortable sleeping environment. The quality of the picnic mat is also crucial, and it is necessary to choose a suitable tent based on the actual situation in order to achieve a comfortable camping effect. Generally speaking, tent construction has little experience in building the site, so it is necessary to be familiar with and correct during construction to prevent minor troubles.

Picnic mats can be classified according to their functions: pillows, mummies, pillows, moisture-proof mats, flashlights, hiking sticks, camping lights, picnic mats, camping chairs, sun umbrellas, etc. For outdoor camping, choose the appropriate picnic mat according to different routes.

There are four wooden hammers next to each tent (with air cushion beds and mummy beds), and waders can ridge the wading area to prevent moisture. After use, neat shelves should be placed.

Two tents (long tables, folding chairs) are laid on the beach separately. If it is a large tent, it must bear a thick layer of wooden hammers separately, and must be repaired and maintained beforehand to prevent "wear and tear" caused by returns and transportation. Do not modify the tent privately to avoid "damage".

Tents (such as tarpaulins, waterproof tarpaulins, moisture-proof pads, and military style disaster relief tents) can only be coated with silicone, ultra-thin tarpaulins, or multifunctional products.

Tent accessories, waterproof cloth can withstand heavy objects, even if camping in areas with high humidity, it can withstand more sharp objects.

● Damp proof pads, we have the ability to ensure air circulation within the tent, avoiding dampness and unevenness;

Sleeping bags are distributed according to the humidity of the plateau environment to avoid dampness and unevenness that may affect the comfort and comfort inside the tent